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Dear Fellow Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church:
Your stewardship committee is charged with conducting the annual pledge campaign. We are also charged with emotion to challenge our church to do what we are mandated to do---being God's people doing God's work in God's world. This means we are God's spokespeople and workers in the church, the community and the world.
Stewardship is setting priorities, discipline, minimizing material wants; it's serious. Stewardship is also satisfying, comforting and joyful; it's what happens after becoming a believer and living as Christ would have us live. Quite simply, stewardship is what we do after we say, "I Believe". The most current Book of Order (2015-2017), W-5.5005, states: Those who follow the discipline of Christian stewardship will find themselves called to lives of simplicity, generosity, honesty, hospitality, compassion, receptivity, and concern for the earth and God's creatures.
Attached is the annual pledge card detailing necessary information for commitment to our church for 2018. We need your pledge to move forward and accomplish our goals of serving our community for over 100 years. Our church founders saw an opportunity to spread their faith and be positive servants in their church, community and world. This need continues for us today.
Please consider faithfully your pledge and help us assure we will be the church God intends us to be.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact a member of the committee:
Margo Jones, Caron Hawkins, Mike Grantham and Bennie Drake.
Wishing you God’s Grace and Peace,
Your Stewardship Committee
........Please detach and return or place in the offering plate on or before Nov. 19th, 2017…….
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